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"Not only is the application process itself a winner, but so is the customer support," "nowHIRE handles all the frontline technical support for our candidates. They get their questions answered quickly, by experts - yet another way candidates feel valued and respected during the application process."

- Fortune 500 Company

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The nowHIRE Company Overview

Helping You Find The Best Candidate!

LogoSince 1999, nowHIRE has provided applicant tracking software and I-9 compliance systems for companies of every size within diverse vertical markets. nowHIRE's solutions feature fully integrated, Web-based recruiting and applicant tracking software modules, and customer support. nowHIRE's flexible solutions allow companies to configure the software to their specific recruiting needs - for hourly, salaried, internal or contingent employees, or any combination thereof. nowHIRE delivers timely, intelligent talent management products that streamline workflow, reduce paper use and save money. Our current offerings include I-9 Comply, an automated I-9 compliance module with an optional E-Verify component, and state-of-the-art Historical I-9 Conversion Services. Our applicant tracking software & I-9 compliance solutions require no installation as everything is deployed over the Internet and/or deployed to run behind a firewall on a local area network or personal computer.

Let nowHIRE customize solutions to fit your needs. Our Talent Acquisition system, which includes applicant tracking software, allows nowHIRE to configure everything to meet the requirements of our clients. It doesn't matter if your company is large or small, well-established or just starting out; nowHIRE has solutions to fit your needs.

If you are still not convinced that nowHIRE is the right solution for your company, just talk to one of our countless satisfied customers, because with customer retention rates as high as nowHIRE's, we must be doing something right.

Based in Detroit, nowHIRE has satellite offices in Dallas, Denver, Toledo, and Columbus.



Since 1999, nowHIRE has focused on defining, designing, building, integrating and managing complex human resource solutions to optimize, automate and evolve the recruitment applicant tracking, talent acquisition and Form I-9 compliance processes for all types of organizations. We have an established exemplary track record in the application and integration of innovative web-native recruiting and applicant tracking software solutions and Interactive Voice Response Technologies. We have earned a reputation for solutions, which consistently reduce costs, automate recruitment, reduce paperwork, increase efficiency, accelerate time-to-hire and assist companies to comply with government regulations (EEO, OFCCP, I-9s, E-Verify, etc.).

Our Web-based I-9 compliance and onboarding system streamlines and automates your employee engagement process, management, verification and legal document storage, saving you time, money, and potential legal problems. All employers are legally required to verify the identity and employment eligibility of new hires and until now I-9 compliance has been a time-consuming task filled with tons of paperwork and the potential for numerous errors. With nowHIRE's online onboarding and compliance software it is now fast, easy, accurate, paperless, and fully automated.

nowHIRE offers an optional E-Verify feature along with its Form I-9 compliance technology. E-Verify is an Internet-based system operated by the Department of Homeland Security in conjunction with the Social Security Administration. The system allows employers to electronically verify name, date of birth and social security number, along with immigration information for non-citizens, against Federal databases in order to verify the identity and employment eligibility of both citizen and non-citizen new hires.

With nowHIRE's Retro/Archived I-9 conversion and auditing service, your existing I-9s are converted to electronic format and systematically audited. Expired I-9s and documentation, as well as errors and omissions, are reported to help you correct the I-9s to attain complete I-9 compliance. Currently, 35-55% of all I-9s contain incorrect or missing information. And with the Department of Homeland Security conducting more I-9 audits (fines range from $110 to $1,100 per violation) now than ever before it make sense for your company to ensure I-9 compliance, saving you tens of thousands of dollars in potential fines?


The nowHIRE Perspective

Our tagline says it all: The Best Candidate. We know that your business thrives on finding the best people for every position. So, we are focused on being The Best Candidate to provide just that. nowHIRE provides an array of technological solutions to evolve, balance and align the strategies of an organization across the entire recruitment and talent management continuum, from recruiting, to applicant tracking and I-9 compliance, thus helping our clients acquire and keep their most priceless asset, TALENT.

Our solutions are easy to use for both employers and applicants and require fewer clicks, meaning there are fewer steps in between you and your newest hire.


Our Customers

nowHIRE sells its web-based SaaS systems to organizations around the world in all industry verticals. From global enterprises to small businesses, we have configured our solutions, including our applicant tracking software, for hundreds of companies who trust our people to help their people find the right people!