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"Not only is the application process itself a winner, but so is the customer support," "nowHIRE handles all the frontline technical support for our candidates. They get their questions answered quickly, by experts - yet another way candidates feel valued and respected during the application process."

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Case Studies Showcasing nowHIRE Talent Management and I-9 Compliance Systems

Real Customers. Real Results.

It’s one thing for us to talk about the benefits of our HR talent management and I-9 compliance systems, but the benefits are much clearer when the products can be seen in action. Each of the following case studies, in a variety of industries, demonstrates a problem that was solved by a nowHIRE applicant tracking system and/or I-9 compliance software solution.

pdf file City Line Distributors Goes Paperless With nowHIRE's Elite Business Edition ATS

City Line Distributors, New England's number one independent full-service food distributor, processes approximately 2,500 applications per year. Erika Blackmon, City Line's recruiter, began her quest for an applicant tracking system (ATS) as a way to make the application process consistent. The company used a paper-based application process, and some applicants were legible, some not; some were complete, some not. Having to store all those paper applications, resumes and Form I-9s for those who were hired, created a space problem as well.

Blackmon searched the Internet for ATS vendors and considered several leading companies. She chose nowHIRE because the company was able to provide everything she was looking for in an ATS and had options she had not thought of, such as integrating online background checks and the IVR system that enables applicants to apply by phone. nowHIRE was also able to customize its Enterprise Edition offering for her particular applicant tracking and I9 compliance system needs.


pdf file Terumo Medical Corporation Automates Recruitment with Highly-Configurable nowHIRE Applicant Tracking System

Like many companies founded before the advent of automated applicant tracking systems, Terumo's HR staff was still manually tracking applicants received for open positions, which was labor-intensive and compromised data integrity. Staffers were spending approximately 16 hours per week tracking applicants—time they could be using to fill positions instead. Entering data did not bring value to the company, but filling positions fast and effectively did, so it made good business sense to invest in an applicant tracking system (ATS). Terumo requested presentations from a number of vendors, but most of them required purchase of the total system, which had many features and components that Terumo didn't need. One vendor stood out for a number of reasons: nowHIRE.


pdf file St. Mary's Medical Center Moves into the 21st Century with the NOWHIRE Applicant Tracking System

Prior to automating their talent acquisition process, St. Mary's Medical Center required all applicants to fill out paper applications and either mail them in or apply in person. Applications were getting lost, and sometimes qualified candidates wouldn't hear from St. Mary's. The medical center was finding it difficult to recruit beyond the local area and risked losing integrity among its applicants due to poor communication. HR Director Dan Weaver decided it was time to bring St. Mary's into the 21st century with an applicant tracking system. St. Mary's chose nowHIRE's ATS because it could be configured around St. Mary's workflow process. Plus, St. Mary's needed to automate its background check and I-9 compliance systems and potentially automate its new hire onboarding activities.


pdf file Pep Boys Moves to Paperless Applicant Tracking System

The Pep Boys had already left its all-paper application process behind in favor of a computer-based hiring system. Yet even though the applicant process had been streamlined via computer, a physical signature was still legally required for many documents involved in the application process. Applications completed online had to be printed out, signed and mailed to the corporate office, where the documents then had to be scanned back into the system. In addition to the time spent going from computer to paper to computer again, there were soft costs of paper, postage and personnel involved. The Pep Boys approached nowHIRE with the idea of digitally capturing the physical signatures of applicants in a way that would meet legal requirements and further streamline the application process.