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"Not only is the application process itself a winner, but so is the customer support," "nowHIRE handles all the frontline technical support for our candidates. They get their questions answered quickly, by experts - yet another way candidates feel valued and respected during the application process."

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nowHIRE: Archived I-9 Conversion & Auditing Service

Easily convert your paper Form I9s for electronic storage

Imagine this:


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) walks into your office and orders you to comply with an unannounced audit within 72 hours. Would they find your Form I-9s in order?



The Harsh Reality Is:

Over 50% of I-9s contain incorrect or missing information - resulting in tens of thousand dollars in fines to be paid.

Fines range from $110 to $1,100 per violation, and criminal prosecution may include forfeiture of assets, civil fines of up to $50,000, and prison terms.

Avoid costly mistakes and ensure you are Form I-9 compliant with nowHIRE's Historical Form I-9 conversion & auditing service.


Fast, Easy, Efficient & Compliant!

Historical Conversion ServiceDeveloped in conjunction with one of Michigan's largest law firms, nowHIRE has created the most recommended Form I-9 conversion & auditing tool for your archived I-9s in the market today!

The level of detail, scrutiny, and authentication process steps in our proprietary algorithm is unmatched in the market. We have spent years of research to define and develop methodologies and processes to automate and harness the exact legal requirements for each Form I-9 since 1986. Our vision was to exploit the specialized knowledge of an army of attorneys and then automate the entire function of converting, correcting and auditing a paper (archived) I-9; in turn, lowering a company’s risk and exposure to fines and criminal penalties to nearly zero.

nowHIRE’s I-9 archived conversion & auditing tool has eliminated the human error element with processing times, reduced to seconds and increased an attorney's accuracy to 99.9% through technology.

Watch our video to learn more:

“The Obama administration will continue to enforce immigration laws to employers through I-9 audits, fines, debarments and other enforcement strategies.”


With the nowHIRE I-9 archived conversion & auditing service, Form I-9s are processed in a quick and efficient manner:

  • Less than a 1% error rate on processed forms
  • Full conversion of paper I-9s to electronic format
  • Rapid and accurate processing and conversion of tens-of-thousands of paper I-9forms in weeks
  • One year of commercial grade secured storage of your converted I-9s
  • Complimentary upload to the nowHIRE I-9 Comply system compliance system with E-Verify for: searching, termination tracking, work authorization expiration notification, purging of expiring I-9s and new hire Form I-9 processing.

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    We built audit features into our Form I-9 conversion & auditing service that help you comply and manage risk:

  • A 185 point [proprietary] error checking algorithm and 20 tier validation audit-developed in conjunction with The Clark Hill Law Firm in Detroit, Michigan.
  • An exposure and risk evaluation and assessment
  • A peace of mind that no other company in the market can offer. nowHIRE's Form I-9 conversion & auditing service is the most recommended and #1 solution in the market today.

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    We provide guidance in needed critical compliance areas:

  • Remediation process guidance for correction steps on each I9 to bring a company to full compliance
  • E-verify processing for federal contractors

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    Additional services available:

  • I-9 Audit Aide - up to 20 hours of our assistance if you are ever subjected to an ICE audit
  • I-9 Legal Aide - up to 10 hours of legal guidance from our Immigration Attorneys*

  • *Legal counsel is included with most I-9 conversion and auditing packages. Discuss the legal counsel offering with your account manager to get an exact number of hours that could be included.