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"Not only is the application process itself a winner, but so is the customer support," "nowHIRE handles all the frontline technical support for our candidates. They get their questions answered quickly, by experts - yet another way candidates feel valued and respected during the application process."

- Fortune 500 Company

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Healthcare Applicant Tracking & Recruiting Software

nowHIRE Can Help The Healthcare Industry.


HealthcareEffective talent management in healthcare begins with understanding the true value of talent to an organization. People costs account for up to 70 percent of the total cost of doing business — and with good reason. It's people who administer medication, prep operating rooms, and provide hospice comfort and a thousand other skilled functions that make the healthcare industry what it is.

However, the healthcare industry suffers from a turnover rate of 15.5 percent overall, and as much as almost 40 percent for niches such as assisted living RNs and Certified Nursing Assistants. Since the cost of turnover is estimated at 1.5 times the salary of a departing employee, it is in every organization's financial interest to hire well.

How healthy is your hiring? How effective are you at recruiting the right talent for your organization? nowHIRE Healthcare applicant tracking & recruiting software is the one solution you need.

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