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"Not only is the application process itself a winner, but so is the customer support," "nowHIRE handles all the frontline technical support for our candidates. They get their questions answered quickly, by experts - yet another way candidates feel valued and respected during the application process."

- Fortune 500 Company

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NowHIRE Professional Applicant Tracking Systems

Put a professional to work for you. The Professional Edition.

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Considering the entire nowHIRE® Applicant Tracking System suite was designed by pros who completely understand your profession, it's no surprise how intuitive this software really is. The Applicant Tracking System Professional Edition incorporates every nuance a company could ever need, or want, in their applicant tracking system!

nowHIRE Applicant Tracking System Professional Edition automates your ever-changing recruiting and hiring needs for your largely exempt workforce. Because it's customizable, this web-native corporate recruiting platform drives your entire organization to efficient "best practice" standards and methodologies in workforce procurement and management.

This hiring management system eliminates process defects, drives better quality hires to your door, increases consistency and produces efficiencies all in a single solution. We like to say our applicant tracking system adds "Zoom" to your talent acquisition process! And, because all data flows to a central repository, you can generate reports on the quality of your hiring processes in moments.

But, if all that isn’t enough, it even appeals to your green side. ALL of the nowHIRE Applicant Tracking System web-based products can help take you into a paperless HR world!

Customize these nowHIRE Applicant Tracking System Professional Edition offerings to create the applicant tracking system that meets your needs:

  • · flexible, scalable organizational structures
  • · configurable workflows
  • · configurable user access
  • · real-time website integration
  • · custom online pre-populated forms and documents (application, offier letter, I-9, W-4, WOTC, etc.)
  • · collaborative requisition approval processing
  • · applicant pre-screening and qualifying
  • · automated background checks
  • · automated psychological assessments
  • · advanced resume database and applicant tracking features
  • · robust skills-matching and resume processing capabilities
  • · collaborative interviewing workflow
  • · applicant on-boarding
  • · automated scheduling
  • · background screening
  • · HRIS integration
  • · collaborative candidate provisioning
  • · in-depth ad-hoc reporting
  • ...and so much more